10 Billion Dollar selfie which is getting roasted on social media!!!!

Facebook's(meta) plans to strengthen innovation with the purpose to develop the metaverse have become so critical to the agency it says that is the cause it changed its name to meta.

Zuckerberg posted a screenshot from Meta's Horizon Worlds on Facebook earlier this week, he says "looking forward to seeing people explore and build immersive worlds" in the metaverse. 

And that post was....

You all might know Mark Zuckerberg spent 10 billion+ dollars on metaverse and he says they might lose billions of dollars in the next 3-5 years. People were surprised after Zuckerberg posted this selfie on Facebook and they are trolling Zuckerberg on social media like Twitter... Let's see some Twitter trolls

Some tweets,

So as far as I can tell, the Metaverse is just Animal Crossing but you’re being hunted by Mark Zuckerberg.


To be fair this is the most animated Mark Zuckerberg has ever looked


left: Zuckerberg's big hype metaverse post   right: PlayStation home in 2008