Before you attend any important and confidential Zoom meeting on your MacBook do this setting!!

Zoom recently released a security update for a vulnerability that could let hackers get access to your entire computer

Zoom’s computerized updater works as a root person and doesn’t require a person password. when the updater runs, it tests to see if the software updates are signed by Zoom however it became best checking if the record has the same name as the signing certificates.

So, What was the problem with that? Hacker could use same name as the certificate with different packages  to get access to the whole mac.

Patrick Wardle from Objective-See Foundation presented his research at DefCon event and after that Zoom released 5.11.5(9788) update to fix that problem which was the second attempt by zoom because the first fix had some bugs.

Zoom's update 5.11.5(9788) also had some bugs and problems but zoom again released another update which is update 5.11.6(9098).

1. Click on the menu and select Check for Updates. 2. Zoom will see what updates are available. You should see the 5.11.6 (9890) update, Click on Install to proceed. 3. restart your app

Steps To Update